Log into Flickr

Step 1: Log into Flickr

You must first go to https://www.flickr.com/ and log into your account.

Upload Photos to Flickr

Step 2: Uploading Photos to Flickr

All the photos that are to be in the gallery need to be uploaded to Flickr.

Select the Flickr Album

Step 3: Select the Flickr Album

Once your photos are uploaded, go to the album that the photos were added to. Now in the URL select the album ID.

For example, the bolded part is the Album ID:

Log into the Admin Panel

Step 4: Log into the Admin Panel

Log into the Admin Panel by putting /login after the URL of your website and inputting your website credentials. When inside the Admin Panel, select from the left sidebar the menu item that says “Flickr Album Gallery”

For example: http://samplechurch.com/login

Add New Gallery

Step 5: Add a New Gallery

Once inside the Flickr Album Gallery tab, there will be an Add New Gallery button at the top of the page. Select this button and it will take you to the gallery creation page.